Advanced precision engineering by one of the UK’s Leading providers of subcontract EDM Services.


Wire Erosion

Since the company was established in 1997 we have specialised in wire erosion. Our workshop houses state of the art Mitsubishi wire eroding machines utilising the most advanced EDM technologies.

The machine operatives are highly skilled with a wealth of experience & knowledge in the field.

Wire erosion is a stress free method of removing material, which allows us to process materials that would otherwise be extremely difficult to machine. We are able to cut a range of conductive materials such as Aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, hardened tool steel, Inconel & Carbide, while working to extremely accurate tolerances (up to 4 microns)

Our machines offer varied capacity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our largest machine able to accommodate a workpiece height of up to 510mm.


Spark Erosion

Spark erosion is a process that enables the machining of hard or soft conductive materials, where features are machined using a shaped electrode to erode away material. Spark erosion enables us to produce features with internal sharp corners that would be impossible to machine conventionally.

We offer a full spark erosion service, including the design and (utilising our wire erosion & milling sections) manufacture of electrodes to customer requirements.

Projects undertaken range in complexity from relatively simple tasks such as hexagons / torx features in screws, to more intricate applications such as external / internal splines & press / mould tool work.


EDM Hole Drilling

Holes ranging from 0.30 to 6mm diameters can be produced in any electrically conductive material, hard or soft, thick or thin using EDM technology. Holes can be drilled into the materials at high speed, at angles and even on an inclined surface.

Our workshop houses 3 EDM hole drilling machines offering a variation in capacity including full CNC with offline programming capabilities.

EDM drilling can be used to produce pilot holes for the wire erosion process or to produce finished holes in a component/work piece.


CNC Machining

Our CNC machining section was originally introduced to complement our EDM section but over time it has advanced and now allows us to offer full CNC machining services, ranging from simple projects to 3D machined forms.

Our Services Include:-